Breaking The Mold Of The Assembly Line Workers’ Compensation Firm By Building Client-Based Defense Partnerships

Elena N. Camp

Assistant Office Manager

Elena is excited to a part of a lively group whose foremost goal is to foster strong partnerships with their clients, leading to a proactive rather than a reactive approach to strategies and goals. She has extensive experience as a paralegal and legal assistant across the legal board – from workers’ compensation to property tax assessment, criminal, matrimonial, and beyond. Over the past few years, she has honed her customer service and organizational skills, becoming a detail-oriented, proactive and intelligent assistant to the attorneys with whom she worked. Elena is particularly adept at managing deadlines, ensuring not only that legal documentation is timely filed, but that clients’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Though her roots originate in Erie, Pennsylvania, she spent her more formative years in western New York cultivating friendships and joining a church youth group where she was able to share her love for singing. Elena and her husband decided to stay in the area and are raising their children in true Buffalo style: on football and wings.