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Katrina Gray

Associate Attorney

Katrina Gray comes to the LOMAD after representing injured workers in workers’ compensation claims. This experience allows her understanding and anticipation of strategy and approach from both sides – offering insight into achieving the goals of our clients. Katrina enjoys the work required to thoroughly piece together legal and medical arguments in support of clients’ interests and enjoys representing them at hearings.

A long-time military spouse, Katrina has lived on military bases and in numerous regions throughout the United States. A graduate of University of Buffalo Law School, she and her family relocated many times before ultimately returning to settle in the western New York area because of the quality of its schools and because it is a great place to raise a family.

A parent, stepparent and animal lover, Katrina resides in the Amherst area with her family, two enthusiastic dogs and a frequently annoyed cat. Her hobbies include drawing, painting and the sculpture of scale miniature pieces.