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Najee Walker

Marketing Assistant/Billing Coordinator

Najee Walker comes to us with a strong background in journalism and marketing. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Buffalo State College, Najee has had his hands in all aspects of communication, from journalism to audio and video production, and even public relations. Ever the student, Najee keeps an open mind and is always looking to develop new skills. He has begun working in the legal sector in order to expand his knowledge about the work force.

Over many years, Najee has worked to improve his personal and professional skills by devoting part of his time to freelance writing when he wasn’t working in offices across downtown Buffalo. You may find some of Najee’s work in some local publications like The Public and even internationally in magazines like Kerrang! in the United Kingdom.

Najee is originally from Bronx, New York, and has been here since 2011 when he moved to attend Buffalo State College. He is a Bills fan by proxy and enjoys spending his time playing video games, eating whatever Buffalo has to offer and podcasting.