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Paul B. Kornacki

Associate Attorney

Paul is an associate attorney practicing New York State Workers’ Compensation Law exclusively. Prior to joining the Law Offices of Melissa A. Day, Paul successfully represented claimants for seventeen years, handling thousands of cases involving every aspect of New York Workers’ Compensation Law. This experience has given him unique insight into the strategies employed by claimant’s counsel, and into the way matters and issues are approached and adjudicated by the board. Paul has a great understanding of the legal and medical requirements necessary to form winning arguments.

Paul is originally from the western New York area. He earned bachelor’s degrees from SUNY at Fredonia and SUNY at Buffalo. He earned his law degree from the University of Toledo.

An avid soccer fan, Paul enjoys following his favorite teams in England and Germany (even though they never win). He plays pick up soccer every Sunday morning in Buffalo and enjoys meeting and playing with other soccer enthusiasts from all over the world. Paul loves traveling with his wife, hiking, and old movies.